Jollibee Philippines did a great job on creating this Valentines series short films. In a short span of time, the said series became viral and touched the hearts of million of Filipinos specially on social media. The films were based from true stories which happen to have a relevance to food chain itself. I’m pretty sure that many of us Filipinos have great memories at Jollibee and some may relate their experiences with the series.

1. Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series: Vow

What will make a man be the happiest man in the world? It is probably to be married with the girl he ever dreamed of. In the first valentines series of Jollibee entitled Vow, the guy is in tears after seeing his dream girl enter the gate of the church for their wedding. With the twist of events, it’s not really what I’d expected it to end. Watch it below:

2. Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series: Crush

Everyone does have a crush, or I could say that everyone at least had a crush on someone in their life. It’s like in high school where you admire someone a lot and you think of him/her all day long. You see yourself with that someone in the future, being married, and everything that goes.

The 2nd film gives a lot of a heart-warming touch. It’s like giving a hope to true love. I find myself smiling while watching the video and it makes me think of my girlfriend. Watch it below:

2. Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series: Date

The last of the series is entitled “date”. It’s a tear-jerky film about a family situation where the father of the family is away from the family for work. The father setup a valentines date with his son to surprise his wife. He then tells them how he love them and all he wants is to make them happy. Watch below:

[via: Jollibee PH]